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Checking correctness of drawings and other art.

Today I would like to share some secrets on checking the correctness of your drawings. The following steps are before you frame your art. Additions and corrections are faster and easier to make on an unframed drawing.

These are the steps I found most helpful over the years to check art for correctness in the shadows, perspective, details or places that still needs some work. Always do these steps before delivering any art to the client.

1. Hold the drawing so you can see it in a mirror. Sometimes places that need more work will jump out at you.

2. Turn the drawing upside down and look at it in a mirror. Make any changes to your art if needed as you go through these steps.

3. Now set the art upside down in your living room or someplace you will see it a lot. Continue to look at it and make changes for a few days.

4. Finally set it right side up a few more days. Make changes if needed.

When you are satisfied with the final project then frame it and deliver it to your happy client.

Happy drawing!

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