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Pen and Ink Memories

Do you have special stories Grandpa told you? A "Pen & Ink Memory" would be the perfect way to preserve Grandpa's stories for generations to come. Check out for more details or contact me at

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Paint Patty HATES this cold weather!!! It is 31 and the wind is blowing. She is outside with me on the deck boxing up a 4 foot wooden barn quilt. She thinks this is bear abuse!


Paint Patty says "Yippy another one ready to box up!" This one is going to Michigan! Paint Patty is so excited Christmas Barn Quilts are almost done!

Getting ready to box this one up. Shipping to Monroe, IA.
Paint Patty is showing off by doing splits! The last barn quilt block is coming along great. This wooden barn quilt stays local and will be done before Christmas.


Paint Patty is not much help on early morning Barn Quilt Block painting! Lucky for me the block she is sleeping on did not need a coat of paint. I don't think she would have been very happy!
We are very busy doing Barn Quilt Christmas orders. Paint Patty is helping!
Barn Quilt gift certificate can be purchased at
If ordering a gift certificate put GC instead of a number.


Look who is giving me the cold shoulder! Paint Patty thinks I'm working her to hard with all these Christmas orders! She doesn't even know we are getting up at 3 a.m. to do more painting!


This one is on its way to VA and due to arrive Tuesday. Yippy Paint Patty is so happy to have another one done.


Yippy Paint Patty is having fun showing off! We are very busy doing Barn Quilt Christmas orders. Paint Patty is helping!  Barn Quilt gift certificate can be purchased at


Paint Patty is helping with this wooden Barn Quilt block! The back is all done and the front is ready to start painting. We are working on Christmas orders now. I've mailed out another group. Now starting on the next group of 4 and 4 more built and waiting. To order go