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Hi everyone and welcome to my first blog post.

A lot has been happening around We got a new granddaughter June 4th. Now we have 2 grandchildren, Callie and her brother Blake, who is 4 years old.

I won an art contest, which is always exciting. The winning pen and ink is titled Hiding II. It is currently on display at the Buchanan Center for the Arts in Monmouth, IL. This new drawing has several items hiding in it. It maybe a challenge to find all the items.

The first Hiding drawing was a huge success. Hiding I was on TV, talked about on the radio and displayed in several solo shows and one group show. Hiding I is on display at Vaughn’s Jewelry Store in Monmouth, IL.

I won a contract for a large Pen and Ink that is going to the National Massey Expo. You can follow the progress of this work at look in the Art in Progress album.

Next week I am putting my art on a mailbox. This will be with paint not ink but it should be interesting. Flowers are the theme for this project.

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