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Backdrop for Detroit, MI Car Showcase (Building 1)

The drawing for the car showcase backdrop is coming along nicely. The finished project will end up in the Detroit, MI area. It will be made up of numerous color pencil sketches of vintage storefronts. The showcase will hold precision cars with the backdrop drawings being the city.

I love the design of this first building. The client wants it named "Becky’s Art Studio". I feel really proud that he has picked and named this building as the first drawing in the project. I don’t know what the next drawing will be. I took over 90 storefront photos for him to pick from. So far only 6 storefronts have made the cut. I may have to go on another Sunday drive and take more photos. I just love Sunday drives even if they are not on Sunday.

If you want to see a detailed progress of this project you can follow it on Facebook by clicking the facebook link on this blog.

Have a great weekend.

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