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Pet Story for new book

I WILL NEVER HAVE A HOUSE CAT! That was my feelings for years. Well, you know God has his own ideas for our lives. It all happened when we were expecting our first grandchild. Our daughter and her family was moving and I was having poor me feelings. They were not moving very far, but the idea of the new little one being further away and not as handy to see was really bothering me. Well you might say God gave me my own baby. Our barn cat got killed on the road and left behind 4 cute kittens. One tiger, one long hair black and two Siamese kittens were left alone after just 3 days of having their eyes open.

Luckily we had another barn cat we called Granny. She was the grandma of these four kittens. Granny adopted all the kittens, except one Siamese that would not stay where Granny put him and would not obey. You might say kind of a "Problem Child" kitten. Granny left him out in front of the garage, in the cold, crying all day. It was apparent that Granny was not coming back for this rebellious kitten. We could not stand to see this little one shivering in the cold and left to die, just because he was a brat cat.

The next few weeks were spent bottle-feeding and teaching the little one to eat food. He would not let me out of his site and followed me everywhere, so his name had to be Shadow. I bought books to find out all I could about housecats. I learned that they can become as smart as a two-year-old child. Well my future was clear; I will have a cat stuck in his "Terrible Two" forever!

He is now 6 years old. The book was right he is differently a two-year-old child. But we dearly love him and his funny antics. He will take one of his balls to the top of the stairs and drop it, so he can chase it to the bottom. He is really entertaining and lots of fun.

It didn’t take long for Shadow to steal my heart. God is wonderful, loving and caring. He knew just what I needed. As for the grandchild, I did get to see him more often than I thought I would. And as time keeps spinning by we now have four grandchildren, but I am happy to report only one cat.