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Pen and Ink Memories

Do you have special stories Grandpa told you? A "Pen & Ink Memory" would be the perfect way to preserve Grandpa's stories for generations to come. Check out for more details or contact me at

Barn quilts can be order at


Patriotic 8 foot wooden barn quilt block!

Moved in to Dennis' tractor painting shop to finish this 8 foot quilt block.
I got it done before the snow. I can hardly wait to see it hung!


For Sale: Two Foot Barn Quilt

All Boxed Up

Old Glory Star


Country Cross Roads

I have these 2 foot wooden barn quilt blocks for sale. They are ready to mail so no waiting for paint to dry. They have a frame on back for easy hanging. Two foot quilt blocks are great to put on your porch, hang on a privacy fence, garden shed or garage. Buy one now for $80 plus $20 for postage if you want it mailed. To buy one email for purchase detail or you may buy these or special order your own at A wooden barn quilt block would make a great gift for that hard to buy for person that has everything.


Drawing the second side

Drawing the last half of the 8 foot quilt block! Getting excited to finish it up!


Patroitic Barn Quilt

Half of the 8 foot patriotic wooden barn quilt is done.


8 foot barn quilt

Working on an eight foot barn quilt. I am rushing to get finish before the weather gets bad.


Spokane Valley Heritage Museum

Now for the exciting News I promised.

Spokane Valley Heritage Museum has purchased the rights of this print to be used on T-shirts for their big Heritage Show this year.  See the flyer below. Sounds like a lot of fun! Hope some of you can attend the show!

I will post a picture of the T-shirt soon.


Barn Quilts done!

Four foot Mother's Delight quilt block with color changes and the four foot Patroitic quilt block that was pictured in an earlier are ready to be picked up. They will end up in Bevidere, IL.

This two foot Star Puzzle Barn Quilt Block will be mailed to Asheville, NC Monday!

I have almost finished 2 more two foot quilt blocks that will be ready to sell next week. I try to keep 2 or 3 on hand for the people that needs one now for a gift or just can wait to get their own!


Getting Closer to finishing these barn quilts

Star Puzzle block has a few more coats of yellow then blue and white. I am getting closer to finishing these quilt blocks.

Next week I should have some exciting news on my blog! I am finding out all the details soon.

Mother's Delight has 2 more coats of ball game green then on to the next color.

Sorry for the cropping on this photo. I just started 2 more block in my Barn Quilt Studio and I do not have room to get the whole block in the photo but that is a good problem. After all these quilts are done I will be moving to my outdoors studio to paint an 8 foot Patriotic block.


Quilt progress

Star Puzzle two foot wooden quilt block is coming along nicely. I am just starting the yellow. Only 2 more colors left. Then the block is in route to NC.

Mother's Delight four foot barn quilt has all the coats of willow green paint and ready to start with ballgame green paint.

Patriotic four foot block is done and drying.


Wooden Barn Quilts

Star Puzzle wooden barn quilt block is getting color. The green is all done. Red is next. I have 3 other quilts that are also coming along nicely. I will post pictures of the other ones soon.


Star Puzzle Barn Quilt

Drawing the design. This is when it gets exciting. I love figuring out angles and designs. The fun is just beginning!

Barn Quilts for NC and IL

Working on three more barn quilts. Two are going to end up in Belvidere, IL and the other one will go to Asheville, NC. They are built and painting has started. Pictured is the NC quilt. The back has all the coats of paint. I will be starting the front tomorrow.


Hand Tatted Paper Mache Eggs

Check out these cute eggs in my Etsy store. These are all hand tatted butterflies that are attached to paper mache eggs. They are coated with Crystal Glaze. Very cute addition to any Easter basket! The eggs are paper mache so you do not have to worry about them breaking. Order now while supplies last! They come in three different styles. You may request different colors. The ones you see here are finished and ready to mail. Happy Easter to everyone!


The bank drawing is coming along really good. The man from Detroit might be here next weekend to see it.

This is the second drawing of nine. Each drawing is 20 inches by 16 inches. They are done with color pencil as requested by the client.

The finished project will have a display case built around the nine drawings. He is planning to have a sidewalk and road in front of all the buildings and precision cars parked on the road. I can hardly wait to see the display!


It has been a very cold snowy winter here in Illinois. 

Lots of wooden barn quilts and drawing orders are being filled at 

This drawing in going to Detroit Michigan to be put on  a car display. More detail later.