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Pen and Ink Memories

Do you have special stories Grandpa told you? A "Pen & Ink Memory" would be the perfect way to preserve Grandpa's stories for generations to come. Check out for more details or contact me at

Barn quilts can be order at


Mt Pleasant Old Threshers and Pies

Things are buzzing at I passed out flyers for the pet's promotion at Mt Pleasant Old Threshers Show and got some orders. We took a Novo motor to show and ground corn with it.

I spent last week baking pies for our church tent for the Prime Beef Festival. I made 46 pies in 3 days. Wow that kept me really busy, our house smelled like a bakery. I made us a pear almond pie, which was a new recipe for last year. Next year the new pie will be "Alabama Apple" which, is from a new friend I made at Mt Pleasant.

Great news! I got the contract that I mentioned last month. I will be drawing a backdrop for a showcase. This showcase measures 16 inches by 15 feet. The showcase will hold precision cars and will be located in the Detroit, MI area., more about that in later blogs.

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