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Pen and Ink Memories

Do you have special stories Grandpa told you? A "Pen & Ink Memory" would be the perfect way to preserve Grandpa's stories for generations to come. Check out for more details or contact me at

Barn quilts can be order at


Working on another 4 foot wooden Amish Barn Quilt block. It is turning out really nice.

Get your Christmas order in for a Barn Quilt now!

To order go to

Barn Quilts come in 3 different sizes:
2 foot, 4 foot, and 8 foot squares.

You may order one of the design that is on or you may summit a custom design.  It could even be a block design from grandma's quilt.

I have around 25 colors so you may change any color on any barn quilt.


Fall Quilt Block is delivered. I love the way they hung these barn quilts. They are hung from eye bolts and hooks. That way she can change them every season. Now I am working on her winter one.


This Wooden Fall Barn Quilt is done and ready to deliver. The customer wanted the blue change to orange to make this a fall block. I really liked the way it turned out.


Working on more Wooden Amish Barn Quilts! Things are really getting busy at because Christmas orders are starting to come in. Go to and order a barn quilt for your mom, loved one or friend. You can pick one from the website or email me a photo and I will do a custom Wooden Quilt Block. Each block is built and painted when it is ordered so you may request a color change.


Confederate Flag Barn Quilt Hangs Proud

I got this photo a while back. I think the Confederate Flag Barn Quilt looks great in its new home in Jackson County, Kentucky! Thanks for sharing the photo!


This 4 foot barn quilt looks very nice on this weight shed in Illinois.


Loaded up and ready to deliver this wooden barn quilt.


One more color and this Almish Barn Quilt is done. You may order your wooden barn quilt at


Rolling Star Wooden Barn Quilt

Painter Pete is almost done with this 2 foot Rolling Star wooden barn quilt block. This block will be mailed to Wisconsin later this week.

Confederate Flag Barn Quilt Block going to Ohio

Busy day for Painter Pete! Four foot Confederate Flag wooden barn quilt front is all done. He is so happy! Now to paint the edges and let it dry. It will be mailed to Ohio Friday. Wooden Barn Quilt Blocks can be ordered at Painter Pete is for sale too. If you want him let me know through the contact us page on the site. He is $20 and comes with his paint apron.


Confederate Flag Wooden Barn Quilt

Painter Pete is just putting on the first coat of blue paint. This is a four foot square Confederate Flag Wooden Barn Quilt.


Painting on Barn Quilt that is going to Ohio

Another coat of white done! Painter Pete thinks the stars gets easier with each coat of paint. This is a 4 foot square barn quilt that will be shipped to North Bend, Ohio.  Painter Pete can be  yours for $20 and free shipping. Email me at if you want to buy him. Barn quilts can be bought at

Painter Pete is so happy he has those hard stars painted the first coat of paint. He is doing a head stand with excitement! If you want to buy Painter Pete he is $20 just message me that you want him. Free Shipping on paint bears! Barn quilts can be bought at


Showing off

Now Painter Pete and Bouncer Bunny are showing off while putting last coat of red on a 2 foot block.


 Painter Pete and his bunny is being lazy while he is working on a four foot barn quilt block. Wooden Quilt Blocks can be ordered from


White is done

Painter Pete has finished the last coat of white paint on the backs of the quilt blocks. Now for the fun part of doing the fronts!


Starting a new group of barn quilts!

Painter Pete is starting 3 new blocks. This is the first time him and bunny will be doing blocks without Paint Patty's advice. Good Luck Painter Pete!


Waving bye to brother Painter Pete and Bouncy Bunny! She is on her way to warmer weather and she is so happy and excited!


Paint Patty is having a wonderful day! She has been adopted and is going to Texas to live. She is so excited! She is decorating a box to be mailed in.


Paint Patty is writing a note to her new Mommy! She is a sweet and thoughtful little bear!
Paint Patty is kissing Painter Pete goodbye. Letting the quilt block get good and dry before boxing thing up.


Paint Patty, her brother Painter Pete and Pete's pet Bouncy Bunny are showing off the finished quilt block that is going to Texas with her.


Paint Patty is so excited about being adopted and going to Texas. Her new Mommy even bought a mini wooden barn quilt which she is painting on!


Paint Patty is having a barn quilt talk with brother Painter Pete. Painter Pete thanks he is so macho with his paintbrush tattoo!


Paint Patty is giving her brother Painter Pete a crash course on wooden barn quilt painting.