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Do you have special stories Grandpa told you? A "Pen & Ink Memory" would be the perfect way to preserve Grandpa's stories for generations to come. Check out for more details or contact me at

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Wooden Barn Quilt Blocks

We have been very busy building wooden barn quilt blocks. Dennis builds them out of 1/2 inch exterior plywood that is sanded smooth. He has built a frame around the back for hanging and strength.

The blocks are primed and painted front and back. I free hand the design on the front. It is also coated to resist UV rays. You will be able to enjoy the quilt blocks for many years.

The one in the picture is a 4 foot square and is on a clients backyard shed.

Barn Quilt Blocks come in several sizes: 
2 foot squares are $80 each
4 foot squares are $150 each
8 foot squares are $500 each
Larger ones are also available.

The 2 foot blocks are the perfect size for porches, garages, houses, cabins, privacy fences, or tool sheds. The 4 foot size are a good size for stores, garden sheds, shops, tractor sheds, cattle sheds, or hanging low on a barn. If you want a barn quilt up high on the barn an 8 foot square would be the best size.

I will have sample blocks on my website soon. Custom orders are also welcomed. I will have 8 of the 2 foot square blocks done by July 4.

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